Children’s Ministry


Children’s Ministry is also called Children’s Church. Our Sunday school program is for children from birth to 5th grade.  The babies are in the nursery section and those walking and talking join in the activities and  lessons.  The children can participate in the breakfast program (See BREAKFAST) with their family or if they arrive after 9:30 they’ll be given a snack and juice.  The children play a outdoor or indoor game depending on the weather while the adults are having Sunday school in the parish hall.  Afterwards the children listen to  the gospel reading for the day.  Our lessons allow for age appropriate discussions to better understand the gospel reading, followed by arts and crafts activities.  The children then help clean up and prepare their goody bags containing things they created or colored , treats and treasures, and any other literature relating to our lesson.  We then take up the children’s offering and close in prayer.  The teacher ask for a volunteer to deliver our offering during the church service.  Then we join our families in the worship service usually prior to the peace and announcements part of the service.